SponsorShip Perks...

Our team is very diverse and dedicated to becoming morre involved in the STEM comuntity.Unfortunatly we have struck financal trouble and lack funding.We are a 501c3 buissness funding our team would be extremly helpful to us and would assist in bringing the STEM lifestyle into hollbrook and surrounding areas. Funding our team could also help your buissness as well by...

  •   Your company name is placed on our compititon tee shirts
  •   Your company name is put on an acrilic slate that boards our robot
  •   Your company name is put on our website
  •   Creates networking opportunities for interns and future employees
  •   Engages employees in volunteerism opportunities
  •   Provides employees with team-building opportunities
  •   Recognition and respect within the community

For more information you can download our Business packet at this link .